the government cannot lead the country without cooperation and trust

Source: President of Estonia

Today, President Alar Karis spoke to the heads of the coalition parties for Kaja Kallas, Chairman of the Reform Party, and Jüri Ratas, Chairman of the Centre Party, to directly give their assessment on the disagreements in the government that recently became public and on whether they could lead to a governmental crisis and the collapse of the current coalition.
“One of the roles and responsibilities of both political parties in the coalition is to maintain the capacity for cooperation and mutual trust in the coalition they themselves formed,” said President Karis. “If cooperation is replaced by ultimatums, joint governance turns into a war of words and trust goes up in flames, there is no use for the coalition government to work together. Because a country cannot be lead without cooperation and trust.”
He says the current government parties have to come to a decision within each party and, if possible, together on whether or not the current coalition can actually continue.
“We cannot afford frivolity and short-sightedness in the middle of so many crises – from international security to energy issues and the pandemic – by Estonia only having the illusion of a government because it has become trapped in an internal trench warfare,” said President Karis. “The government must be hard-working and active.”