Finland’s accession to NATO would significantly strengthen security in the Baltic Sea region

Source: President of Estonia

President Alar Karis said at a meeting with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö in Helsinki today that Estonia supports the possible accession of both Finland and Sweden to NATO, as it would significantly strengthen the security of the Baltic Sea region.
“The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO would make an important contribution to the security of the Baltic Sea region,” said President Karis. “It would have a major impact on the Nordic-Baltic defence cooperation and on how NATO operates in our region.”
According to President Karis, Russia would not have the resources to demonstrate significant military force in our region in response to Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership, but he considered cyber or hybrid operations possible. “Estonia stands by Finland and will provide support both politically and practically,” said President Karis.
Speaking about the security situation in Europe, President Karis said that the end of the war with Ukraine’s victory is a priority, as well as the energy independence and security of European countries. “At present, it’s important to support Ukraine and to continue to put pressure on Russia through sanctions,” said Karis. “The economic sanctions agreed on in the European Union cannot be eased until the war damages are compensated.”
The Heads of State emphasised the need to deepen regional cooperation in order to achieve energy independence. “The cooperation between Estonia and Finland in the construction of a floating LNG terminal is a significant step in this direction,” said President Karis. “We must also be smart about deepening regional renewable energy cooperation.”
In his address at the 40th anniversary seminar of the Tuglas Society, which preceded the meeting of the Heads of State, President Karis said that the relations and destinies of Estonia and Finland are closely intertwined. “Finland has a million friends south of the Gulf,” the Head of State said. “Estonia as a state were able to join Finland in the United Nations 31 years ago when we regained our independence. In the European Union, our paths crossed 18 years ago. We’ve been good partners to each other in these organisations. It’s now possible that Finland will join Estonia in NATO, which will also connect the security of our countries and nations.”
President Karis advised people to look to the future with courage and an innovative spirit, so that in the coming decades there would be a reason to come together and enjoy the broad cultural cooperation between the two nations and countries, and to set future goals.
President Karis also visited the Finnish innovation foundation SITRA in Helsinki and met with the representatives of Finnish academic organisations.
Address of President Karis at the 40th anniversary of the Tuglas Society.