Regional inflation changes diversely in December

Source: Central Bank of the Russian Federation in English

In December 2021, annual inflation declined in 45 of 82 regions and increased in the rest of them, remaining unchanged in Russia as a whole. Inflation ranged from 5.8% in the Chukotka Autonomous Area to 11.8% in the Republic of Daghestan.

The growth in food prices predominantly slowed: this was mainly related to prices for fruit and vegetables and animal products.
Non-food prices generally rose faster in December month-on-month. In the majority of regions, motor fuel was the main contributor to inflation acceleration. Moreover, the Southern, North Caucasian and Far Eastern Federal Districts recorded a significantly faster increase in car prices.
Changes in services prices were extremely diverse in December. Regions with the acceleration and deceleration of the rise in services prices split into two almost equal parts. They differed mainly in the movements of prices for air transportation and foreign tourism. Growth in prices for foreign trips slowed after the November acceleration, whereas the rise in prices for domestic flights sped up.
In December, annual inflation declined most significantly in the Urals. This was mainly due to a slower increase in prices for food (cucumbers, tomatoes, and meat products) and services (foreign tours). Annual inflation rose the most in Siberia where dairy and meat prices grew faster.
More details on inflation in Russian regions are available in the information and analytical materials published on the Bank of Russia website.
Preview photo Vladimir Smirnov / TASS